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Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Weight Loss

The Truth About Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Weight Loss

Can lymphatic massage help me lose weight?

The answer is complicated. Manual Lymphatic Drainage benefits weight loss, but perhaps not in the direct way you expect.

Massage is well known to help with detoxification, and detoxing the body can very well produce weight loss. The question is, how can lymphatic massage aid in your weight loss journey?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage expels toxins

A body filled with toxins can contribute to the following diseases in the body:

  • Cancer

  • Auto Immune Diseases

  • Joint Pain

  • Psychological problems

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

And as it turns out, toxins can also make it difficult to lose weight. If you’ve followed a strict diet and exercise routine with very little to no results, a sluggish lymph system could be the culprit.

Investing in regular manual lymphatic drainage sessions may help. By releasing built up toxins in your body you give it a much-needed break. As it recharges you, it directs energy and blood flow to fat cells.

Increases Lymph Circulation

One of the most well studied lymphatic drainage side effects is an increase in lymph circulation and blood circulation.

Stifled blood circulation can lead to lethargy and more serious issues. This, in turn, could potentially put more strain on your body leading to excess weight gain.

Clients often feel more energetic and alive after MLD sessions. This is often a result of an increase in circulation. With more energy comes an increase in motivation to exercise. This leads to weight loss!

Releases Water Retention

The human body is made up of 70 percent water. When you have fluid accumulating in the tissues, or in body cavities, you get water retention.

Some common symptoms of water retention include swelling in your feet, ankles and hands, stiff joints, and weight gain.

It’s easy to forget that water retention affects the weight you read on the scale. So sometimes when we think we need to lose fat we actually need to release water from our cells.

The lymphatic system is responsible for collecting excess fluids from your tissues and is eliminated in the urine. When the lymphatic system slows down, this contributes to an increase in water retention.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage promotes the release of water retention because it supports the circulation of the lymph vessels and nodes.

Supports the Liver and Kidneys

Another area where lymphatic massage benefits weight loss is by supporting the liver and kidneys. We often think of our bodies as these individual parts that function independently of one another. However, that’s simply not the case.

For example, proper liver and kidney function are necessary for weight loss because these two organs are responsible for removing toxins.

Systematic Manual Lymphatic Drainage speeds up the circulation of the Lymphatic System. Increased circulation allows the kidneys and the liver to do what they do best—detox our bodies.

When our organs are functioning at their best our body’s internal fat burning processes are kick started.


So, to put it simply, Manual Lymphatic Drainage does not automatically result in weight loss. It does, however, support a well-rounded healthy weight loss program.

If you’re focusing on a healthy lifestyle and want to create an optimum internal system, then Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a great way to support your weight loss strategy.

Contact Wu Wei Healing Arts in Frederick, MD for more information or to schedule an appointment today!

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