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Hydration and a Healthy Lymphatic System

Even Though Your Body is 60-70% Water, Your Lymph Fluid Is Over 90% Water. It is important to know the fact that your lymph fluid is over 90% water. Just slight dehydration can limit your lymphatic system's ability to clean your body and brain of cellular waste, fats, fluid, and other debris. As this waste builds in your body and brain it affects how you feel mentally and physically. Most people when I ask how many ounces of water they drink daily don't have an answer. In dealing with many clients I can tell you that many people are chronically dehydrated. Some, drinking under 20 ounces a day. We need at least 60- 80 ounces a day, some may need more, closer to a gallon (128 ounces). I can tell you in my life I work hard at remembering to hydrate and still at times I become dehydrated You can feel it. When you are dehydrated your lymph fluid can become like glue in your lymph vessels limiting lymph flow and detoxification. When seniors are admitted to the hospital for confusion and unknown reasons it is often due to dehydration. Hospital staff starts an IV of saline and the patient begins to think clearer and feel better in a few hours. Are you drinking enough water? So, to know how many ounces you are drinking a day measure your favorite cup or vessel you drink from and see how many ounces it holds. See how many you drink a day and add up how many ounces you consumed. I know that drinking enough water helps dilute the toxins in my body and helps to move them out through my lymphatic system.

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