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By Dr. Christine Matheson, ND

Have you ever had that feeling when you learn something that becomes so pivotal and valuable in your life that you feel super passionate about sharing it with others in case it could help them too?

That's exactly how I feel about the health benefits of the Arvigo®Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) for women. Actually I think every women deserves to know about it because I have watched it lead to so many successes and wins in women's lives including easier periods, a calm clean gut, super-charged fertility, confidence conceiving, empowered pregnancy, optimized gynecological and pelvic health, stronger post-baby recovery and a smoother menopause. Phenomenal results.

And what is even more of an insight is that I have observed how this technique empowers women to reconnect with their bodies and literally put their health back into their own hands.

It's got a long name but it is truly a powerful and healing external massage technique that is applied to the abdomen and pelvis to decongest and realign vital organs to help resolve digestive, gynecological and pelvic health concerns and it can dramatically enhance fertility. Part of what makes this such a practical and affordable approach is that in addition to receiving a complete Arvigo®Massage from a trained Arvigo®Practitioner, you will be taught and encouraged to perform self-abdominal massage almost daily.

The Arvigo® techniques were developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN based on her apprenticeship in Belize with the Maya healer Don Elijio Panti and her own education, training, and research as a naprapathic physician. She developed a thorough method of abdominal massage founded on ancient Maya techniques while adding her exceptional knowledge of anatomy.

“The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

- Don Elijio Panti, Maya Shaman of Belize (Central America) who trained Dr. Rosita Arvigo about the ancient Maya technique of abdominal massage.

To be effective, the Arvigo ® techniques (also known as “uterine massage”) has always emphasized two key elements including being given treatments by an Arvigo® Practitioner AND regular self-care abdominal massage that takes only 5 mins daily.

Prior to learning about the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® (ATMAT), I researched general abdominal massage techniques and suggested them to my patients. But when I heard about ATMAT it was like I had found a tribe of people who were experts in something I had only just started to grasp. Becoming an Arvigo®Practitioner was a real triumph for me after years of naturally knowing belly massage was helpful but wanting a more comprehensive technique to follow as I knew it would make a difference in my life and the lives of my patients.

When I was young and struggling with my own digestive woes I yearned to have ways to make myself feel better and would sometimes intuitively place my hands on my belly as a solution. I taught myself to find those spots where I held tension and tried to gently massage them away. Flash forward to now and I still practice ATMAT almost daily and credit it for having helped me conceive with 2 healthy pregnancies, vital digestive function and easy periods. I am so proud to be one of the only ND’s in Ontario and Canada offering Arvigo® Therapy through my signature 'Belly Be Well' Program.

As women, zoning in on healing our relationship with our bodies and particularly loving our bellies is often what opens the door to the potential for greater overall health. I have become an advocate and champion of women reclaiming their ultimate health by starting to ameliorate pelvic, abdominal, gynecological and fertility health. Our bellies are a powerhouse of vital organs trying to function optimally and whatever we can do to give that process a hand will have robust rewards in multiple areas of our health including the critical areas of hormonal and mental balance.

“I believe that it is essential for women to prioritize addressing issues of the gut, abdomen, uterus and pelvis as one of the most central strategies to directly promote a positive ripple effect in the vitality of their entire body and mind.”

- Dr. Christine Matheson, ND


✓ 1- DECONGESTS the abdomen, pelvis and especially the uterus by stimulating the flow of blood, lymph, nerves and qi (energy) which help to restore function to the vital organs in your belly

✓ 2- ALIGNS and shifts the abdominal and pelvic organs if they are out of alignment which improves function, proper elimination and drainage processes

✓ 3- AIDS DIGESTION allowing for a 'happy' gut with predictable digestion and relief from constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms or chronic gas/bloating

✓ 4- REGULATES MENSTRUATION leading to easier periods, consistent and reliable cycles, relief from PMS symptoms and pain-free periods become possible

✓ 5- ENHANCES FERTILITY by powerfully priming the uterus and pelvis to conceive more easily by getting all the fertility juices flowing both in the mind and body whether to prepare safely for conventional fertility treatments or if trying to conceive naturally. If undergoing conventional fertility treatments, Maya Abdominal Massage is safest and most beneficial to enhance your fertility and prepare your body prior to undergoing conventional treatments

✓ 6- SUPPORTS POST-PARTUM RECOVERY by giving a proactive and easy plan to prevent pelvic weakness post-partum through aiding the healing and re-aligning process of the newly shaped abdomen and pelvis

✓ 7- OPTIMIZES GYNECOLOGICAL/PELVIC HEALTH as if like a “uterine cleanse” it will reduce or relieve pelvic discomfort associated with endometriosis, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Also helps to address pelvic pain or congestion, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapsed uterus or bladder or pain during intercourse. Can be advantagous 2-3 months post laparoscopic or abdominal surgery for proper healing

✓ 8- PREVENTS PROLAPSED ORGANS by improving the alignment of the pelvic and abdominal organs and stimulating circulation to the area which creates a natural “pelvic lift"

✓ 9- MINIMIZES MENOPAUSAL or PERI-MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS by creating a smoother hormonal transition via improved blood flow to the pelvis that ensures hormones reach where they need to go leading to a feeling of vitality while the body undergoes changes

✓ 10- EMPHASIZES THE HEALING BENEFIT OF SELF-CARE which not only makes this a convenient and affordable health strategy but it empowers women to feel more in control of their menstrual cycle, gynecological health, pelvic health, digestion, fertility, ability to conceive, postpartum recovery or transition through menopause. And it is this active participation in our own health that nurtures the mind/body connection and can unlock the potential to feel more in control of the feeling of fulfillment in our lives

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